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‘State of the Sector’ Roundtable at the Guardian on the 17th of June


The Transition Institute is holding a Roundtable discussion of the UK spin out sector, which will be a forum to discuss and review the findings of our recently completed ‘State of the Sector’ Spin Out Survey.

The Institute is a platform to promote the work currently being undertaken to innovate public services. In collaboration with practitioners, the Institute collects data and produces vital reports that reflect the added social value of independent service providers (commonly known as ‘spin outs’) that have made social impact central to their model of delivery. It is the result of such research that enables us to argue the case for government to create an improved environment for these new, community-focused services.

Last year, the Institute launched the ‘State of the Sector’ survey with a view to mapping out the spin-out sector with feedback and personal insights from UK organisations that had recently spun out from the public sector. Dr Richard Hazenberg of Northampton University has worked on the findings of the data produced by the survey.

The Roundtable will be chaired by Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts, and hosted by David Mills, Editor of the Guardian’s Social Enterprise Network. Dr Hazenberg, who is unable to attend the Roundtable, has asked for to have his findings presented by Nick Petford, Vice-Chancellor of Northampton University.

We are looking forward to what we believe will be an exciting review and debate on the current progress and way forward for UK spin outs.


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