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Public services in the U.K. are in transition, from state backed organizations to independent providers that blend the best of public, private and social enterprise ethos; towards mixed moles of ownership that help us to increase the quality of public service delivery in harsh economic times.

The Transition Institute exists to accompany this journey, bringing together a network of practitioners, academics, experts and public sector entrepreneurs. Identifying and delivering practical solutions to the challenges that lay ahead in the road of public service reform.

Despite the evidence of some successful histories and in depth case studies, much of the remains unknown around this process. Specially, we lack  a map that gives  a global picture of how this change is being conducted across the United Kingdom. We want to cover this gap.

The Transition Institute has designed a Survey that will let to map the Spin-Out sector, producing a detailed snapshot of the state of the sector in 2012, determining its depth and breadth: Essential information to determine the weight of the sector in Britain’s economy, their potential and their main challenges.

If you take 20 minutes of your time to complete this survey, you will allow the TI to deliver the first piece of quantitative aggregate evidence about the spin-out sector, helping us to diagnose the soundest ways of providing better public services.



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